Wednesday, August 25, 2010

from your secret admirer

I Really Like You
But You Don't Know
These Feelings I Have
I Can Never Show

I Always Wish That
I Could Be With You
But Deep Inside I Know
That Will Never Come True

I Think About You
Almost Everyday
Wishing I Could Find
The Right Words To Say

Hoping You Would Notice Me
When I Stare At You
But I Know That You Don't
Feel The Same As I Do

Im In Love With You
And There Is No Cure
But Forever I Will Only Be
Your Secret Admirer

Please Try To Understand,
Im Afraid To Let My Feelins Show,
But I Dont Want To Be Left Alone...
I Just Want To Hold You Close And Never Let You Go..


Crazy Meteorologist said...

Tak sangka ko dah jadi kronik macam nie...hahahaha.

DIAA said...


wadi said...

tunjukkan perasaan sebenar kamu terhadapnya.
tak salah if kamu yg mulakan dahulu :)

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