Sunday, January 16, 2011

thank u 4 being my friends...:)

Thank you for your friendship and your love

Thank you for being there to help me through most of fears

Thank you for all that you for all the times that I felt like I couldn’t make it through

Thank you for your support through out these years

Thank you for catching me when I fell and lending a shoulder for me to cry on

Thank you for all the joy and laughter that brought into my life

Thank you for always standing up to redeem strife

Thank you for the happiness you gave

However life may turn, this gift will be

A mountain that has made my river bend

Nor will it flow the same way to the sea

Knowing you is something I’m made of

Years will not this part of me remove

One lives for just a brief eternity

Understanding truths that never end

~Thank you God for giving me such a loving frenz~

p/s: hanya empunya badan yg mengenali gambarnya sendiri...:)


Zul Helmi said...

pandai ye guna gmbar xnmpak muka~

Anonymous said...


sue said...

..lovely dear, sis..:)) TQ! love u too~ i like it.. *sue rieyna*

z3mms said...

we love u too dearie ......
have a good journey nanti aite ! :)

z3mms said...

btw... kalau tengok filename gambar pun dah tau sape (cth: effy.jpg) :p

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