Saturday, February 23, 2013

To: SiTi S_LBi_H B_N_i J_SM_N

Dear Salsabiela Martoyo (Not her true name),

How are you? I hope you are doing well.
I just want to tell you. I found something that really suits your senile and negligent attitude.

This is what I mean...
keyless door knob...;]

Based on your true story, you have the experience owning 5 duplicate keys at one time.
But due to your nature of senile.. you forgot to bring all of the keys (-.-')

So, as your best friend and REALLY TAKE CARE ABOUT YOU..;p I suggest you to change all your old fashion door knob to the pin code keyless door knob.

First time I saw this knob, I have a problem to open the door. Yaa... jakun :"> malu guwe..
but after my friend told me how to open.. I love this technology and its remind me to you..:)

I hope you love this and can make the changes as soon as possible.
Bye-bye & take care!

p/s: Don't forget to SMS me your password.

Tyra Banking

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